Cornerstone Baptist Church

A small group of families had a vision for a church in Northwest Houston in 1980. In 1986, their dream became a reality as
Cornerstone Baptist Church was founded. For the first 15 years, the church experienced phenomenal growth as the membership
grew and several buildings were built, including a worship center, educational, and fellowship areas. However, as is common
with many churches, the church went through a period of decline.

In late 2007 the church called Pastor Gib Allen as their new pastor. In 2008, the Lord gave Pastor Gib a fresh vision to
experience God’s transformation of this congregation, with the goal to reach this community in the most creative and
culturally relevant means possible. This vision shifted our focus from looking within to looking outward at the needs of our
community. It is our goal to reach this culturally diverse community with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Cornerstone Baptist Church
14314 Walters Rd,Houston, TX 77014
(281) 586-8383
[email protected]
[email protected]

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